Cookiebot™ and Mono Solutions partner up to help SMEs minimize the risks of data privacy violations

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With the rapid expansion of data privacy laws around the world, and the growing demand from website users for control over how their data is used, Cookiebot CMP and Mono Solutions are partnering up to help SMEs minimize the risks of data privacy violations, fines and associated brand impact. According to joint research from Mono Solutions and Cybot, only 27% of small business websites are fully compliant in their use of cookies.

This partnership will enable small and medium sized businesses to become compliant with major data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, and ensure that they build a trusted brand for their end customers.


VP of Product from Mono Solutions, Alette Holmberg-Nielsen:

“Mono Cookie Consent is essential to our mission of offering a future-proof website builder. We saw a need from our partners to offer an automated and all-in-one cookie compliance solution to their SME customers and we’ve made that a cornerstone in our platform. We partnered with Cookiebot CMP because they invented a cookie consent solution that is compliant now and in the future, as well as automated. All Mono partners offering websites for SMEs can now add an automated cookie consent solution to their catalog with little to no additional work. We are proud to be one of the first in our industry to offer a truly future-proof website builder for small businesses”

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