Matthew Gill, former Head of Performance Products at Yell, joins Advertio

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Created in 2017, Advertio is a digital advertising platform on a mission to set the benchmark for customer acquisition cost for all new businesses, tackling what is one of the biggest failure factors of new companies. The Portuguese-based company is betting on stretching their multi-channel platform by developing new technology and growing their team of experts who work together towards the democratization of the online advertising market.  


With a digital presence across not only Europe but also America, Advertio is on track to help partners grow their business in a scalable manner. In order to accomplish this, Advertio has brought Matthew Gill onboard, who was previously Head of Performance Products at Yell. Matthew, who has more than a decade of experience in the Digital Advertising industry, has led a team of experts in one of the biggest digital agencies in the UK and was responsible for implementing and executing a cohesive digital strategy at Yell.


On the move, Matthew said “I’m very excited to be joining a talented and ambitious team at Advertio. The opportunity to help build an advertising solution which focuses solely on delivering quantifiable outcomes most valuable to our customers aligns entirely with my vision.”


When asked about the decision to bring Mathew on board, Advertio’s CEO João Aroso said “Matthew was our first choice when looking for a Director of Partnerships. After the work he’s done at Yell, we knew he would be the perfect fit for our team because not only does he have a strategic mindset, as he also understands our partners’ needs and pains”.


Advertio currently manages over ten thousand campaigns from several partners across the globe as well as SMB’s that are looking to build and manage their online campaigns autonomously. In 2021 the goal is to build a stronger partner community especially in America, keep adding value to their platform either through new features or new advertising solutions and, ultimately, to keep innovating and finding new ways to use technology in their clients’ favour.


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