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There are many storms gathering in Brussels around online tracking, data protection, e-commerce, the single digital market and much more. Some of these storms may break the European media market, depriving companies of important and growing revenue streams, limiting their access to data or limiting the usage of data. It is very difficult for companies not only to keep up with these changes but also to understand them and implement them into their organizations and processes. The team at Siinda are experts in European Legislation and Affairs and our consultants can help you understand what is going on and how to implement requirements into your organization.


Focus Areas


Þ   Data Protection

Þ   E-Commerce

Þ   Advertising

Þ   Digital Single Market

Þ   Electronic communications

Þ   Consumer protection


Our Services

Þ   GDRP Compliance

o   Compliance Audit

o   Compliance Implementation Support

Þ   Monitoring Services and Snapshot Briefings

Þ   Briefing or issue papers on:

o   The policy cycle

o   The actors involved

o   The key features

o   The sector impact assessment

o   The proposed policy action plan

Þ   Impact Assessment Reports

o   Impact assessment on legal issues

o   Can be coupled with market analysis

o   Compliance assessment help

Þ   Practical Usage and Implementation of EU Policies

o   How to deal with the impact of legal issues in your company

o   Access to data

o   Compliance implementation

Þ   Webinars and Tutorials

o   Tutorials on general EU approaches or on a precise issue

o   Training and information workshops for your employees

o   Company briefings or internal webinar proposals on regulatory issues


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