Market Insights


Market Research

In cooperation with our advisory partners, we offer bespoke research services. Utilizing primary and secondary research and qualitative and quantitative techniques, we are able to uncover meaningful insights and identify trends in selected markets as well as across the continent. 


Some of the areas we cover are:

Þ   Custom Consumer and SMB Surveys

Þ   Thought Leadership Reports

Þ   Competitive Benchmarking

Þ   Market and Opportunity Sizing

Þ   Digital Online and Usage Studies

Þ   Regulatory and Legislative Analysis at both the EU and Member State Level

Þ   Regulatory Benchmarking


White Papers 

SIINDA experts regularly produce white papers and blog posts on topics ranging from Ad tech and new products to insights on the customer purchase journey.  These white papers and blogs can be co-authored or sponsored while still maintaining the integrity of the content.

Social Media & Communication

As one of Europe's leading Associations for Digital Marketing and Local Search, SIINDA has unique access to a receptive audience of Digital Marketers and Industry leaders through its Social Media reach and its membership communications.  Our team can develop an effective communication plan that leverages the SIINDA audience to make your message resonate with the target group.

Actively engaging the audience with surveys or polls as well as direct messaging, provides valuable feedback for use in a variety of areas.


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