Gollen Balendra


Sandi Gollen Balendra is a Media and Entertainment lawyer by background and an Advisory Committee Member & Lecturer (Business and Innovation) at the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London).She is also the founder of VMM Music & Fashion which is an industry based powerhouse which manages and connects artists and investors to collaborate live music tours and fashion runway shows in renowned venues across Europe. Her latest music tour was conducted in Ibiza this year which picked up much momentum in the business of fashion technology in the luxury media and entertainment arena within the broadcast of film, television content, advertising and new media space. Sandi has spoken at the Houses Of Parliament on the Business of Fashion and Politics and its impact on the British fashion industry post Brexit. Prior to this, upon recommendation from the London Chamber of Commerce, Sandi spoke at Istanbul’s University of Bogaziçi to upcoming young entrepreneurs in tech, fashion and commerce.She has also conversed with Stella McCartney herself on the impact of global sustainability and SME fashion brands collaborating with music artists and celebrity movers and shakers.

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