Margret Oddsdottir


Já is the leading local information service in Iceland. The company offers a broad and dynamic product portfolio, including several of the most popular digital solutions in Iceland. Built on a century-old foundation of traditional directory services, Já has become one the strongest brands in Iceland since its founding in 2005.Sigríður Margrét Oddsdóttir founded Já on behalf of Iceland Telecom in 2005. As CEO, she has overseen its transformation since then, becoming one of its owner in 2010 with her business partner Katrin Olga Johannesdottir who is chairman of the company.Sigríður Margrét has a fifteen-year track record in transforming and developing business models since graduating from the University of Akureyri with a degree in Business Administration. In addition to her extensive managerial experience at Já, Sigríður Margrét has served as the leader of a local market research consultancy and recruitment office, as well as the Icelandic Television Company which operates local and international TV channels, and is the leading VOD provider in Iceland.

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