van Arkel


I am a seasoned entrepreneur having launched 5 successful businesses in as many years across the media, advertising, technology and transport sectors. It all began with Out-of-home and Guerrilla IMC which today is a well respected and leading player in mega format Out-of-home in South Africa.An infatuation with location began back in 2008 when GPS/Satnav devices became commonplace, this led to the formation of Business Positioning Systems(BPS) which has very few if any competitors who can compete with its market offering.In late 2013 we decided to build a bespoke location based ad serving solution and mobile ad network this lead to the spin off of our mobile solutions into a new company and Vicinity Media was born. Vicinity Media is making huge strides(and waves) in the media industry through a unique solution to location based advertising on mobile, it's a relevance revolution.I spend my time as CEO of Vicinity Media whilst serving on the boards of Guerrilla and BPS in a strategic advisory capacity.

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