I am a marketing executive, leader and strategist. With over 15 years of experience in both enterprise IT and with startups, my expertise includes strategy, product marketing, business development and sales.Few things get me more excited than identifying a significant opportunity, translating it into a new product or solution, launching it to the market, and finally seeing it through until the client sees value.Serving large-scale, global enterprises in the telecommunications and local advertising industries has provided me with the ability to lead multi-disciplinary projects, and to collaborate with all relevant "moving parts"​ in the organization. I have seen these industries transform, and have played a key role in helping my company transform accordingly.I love a good challenge. Whether it is determining the right business strategy, creating effective branding and messaging, or defining requirements for new products - I always try to "go deep"​ and uncover less obvious, more creative solutions. When this means learning new technologies and industries, even better.I think "Big", and execute accordingly. I am especially proud of an initiative I led that resulted in a change of direction for the company, leading to a new line of products generating substantial new revenues in products and services in digital advertising and content.Good Ideas can come from anywhere. I managed teams consisting of individuals with a wide variety of skills, personalities, and backgrounds. I consult with anyone who can contribute. More voices generate more options, and increase the possibility of making the right decision.My interests range from Archaeology to Physics, and I have been blessed with the ability (and desire) to rapidly master new subject matter. If you are interested in hearing more, feel free to reach out.

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Head of Customer Success