Vincent is the founder of a digital consultancy, London Digital Ventures Ltd, specialised in data privacy, GDPR, data strategies and global commercial and operational strategies.Vincent has over 20 years experience in the media and marketing industry (of which over 15 years were spent in digital media). He is one of the pioneers and thought leaders of the industry in Europe.He is actively consulting on GDPR for numerous ad tech companies, advising on a range of topics ranging from legal interpretation to technical implementation, data audits to evangelisation throughout the ecosystem. He sits on the council of the Regulatory and Legal affairs committee at IAB UK, has been involved with privacy matters with IAB Europe, has lobbied on privacy matters at the European Parliament, is actively participating in the Consent working group (IAB Europe), which aims to develop a full consent protocol for GDPR. He is a frequent speaker on panels.More recently, Vincent was the COO of search intelligence company Captify from 2013 until December 2017. As the COO, he was responsible for sales, client services, publisher solutions and ad operations globally.He is a renowned digital expert and has an in-depth knowledge of the marketing industry. His experience in the sector has meant he has been a much sought after advisorfor digital businesses (ad tech companies, agencies, advertisers). At Captify he will focus on commercial, operational and strategic matters and will provide a wealth of experience to further boost business growth.Before Captify, Vincent was a consultant for Rocket Fuel across its operating companies in Europe. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director for Vonage UK and Canada where he was responsible for the financial and commercial turn around for the businesses. Vincent has extensive sales, marketing and general management experience and has spent his career honing his business development, management and strategy skills globally. Vincent has had a number of roles across Europe, Asia and Latin America, consulting on digital strategies in the ad tech, agency and client space.

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