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Siinda is the leading European based non-profit association bringing together agencies, brands, media and technology companies and professions in the local search, digital advertising, media, mobile and “on demand” industry sectors.

We offer a variety of market research services and studies, educational events and critical legislative updates and working groups in the areas of digital advertising, mobile and e-commerce. We foster partnerships through are extensive members network. Siinda represents many of the most prominent media outlets in Europe and globally.

Who we are

  • We have global members from Asia to Latin America and from Africa to Australia. We provide a wide range of member services from market research to conferences and summits.

  • We are a resource forum where complementary market segments in search and information can connect, share, and grow. We are fostering the development of positive, ongoing partnerships that enable us all to prosper.

  • We keep our members up to date with the latest market trends, technical developments, and critical legislation that might affect our businesses.

  • We also provide a platform where seed level start-up’s can mix with industry leaders. Our worldwide network of members fosters the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of partnerships.


Providing members with market

research and the latest trends



Providing member platforms

for networking


Fostering innovation both inside

and outside our membership circles


Supporting member interests

across all sectors


Useful, relevant, timely

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